Au Paintball Fort Ouest

Located 10 minutes from Mont-Tremblant, Fort Ouest features paintball games for all levels of players. Paintball is a fun sport for men and women alike, from 12 years old and over. Whether you come with a group, friends, family or coworkers, our team is ready to serve you 7 days a week! Located in the heart of the charming Arundel Township, Fort Ouest boasts complete food service, quality rental gear, qualified staff, a reception hall (with a seating capacity of 145), shows, and customized games. Fort Ouest also offers paintball in the winter in temperatures as low as -15°C (and will soon be equipped to handle -40°C) with as much hot chocolate or coffee as you want. For accommodations, the choice is yours between Mont-Tremblant hotels or campground located nearby. Target shooting ranges are also available for children over 5 years old.


Nature for 2

  • Mask, camo clothing, gloves, neck guards, 200 paintballs/pers., marker (gun), gas (propellant), chest protector (especially recommended for women), team armbands
  • One referee (guide) per group of 10 players
  • Limited game, 2 hrs.
  • $3/pers. redeemable for drinks, chips or chocolate at the restaurant
117.00 $ $91.99