Rainspa (Le)

Set in blue and cream-coloured hues, the interior at Rainspa is an interplay of warmth and serenity inviting you into a haven of relaxation far-removed from the chaos of urban life. In addition to facial and body treatments, by way of the most exotic practices, this health centre does not content itself to just pamper you; it will seduce you in turn, with its hammam (the first in the city!) and a wide range of first generation treatments at the cutting edge of technology: slimming, rejuvenating or simply invigorating. Enter this eucalyptus scented space and give way to the benefits of the surrounding humidity and warmth. Within twenty minutes, your skin will be primed for an exfoliation with Dead Sea salts or a relaxing violet clay massage, given in their steam room - yet another specialty of the place. Under the effect of heat, allow your body to be taken away, embraced, drawing you ever closer to a state of nirvana.


Spa for 1

  • Relaxation massage with butter of Hawaii rose petals
  • Hammam bath access
170.00 $ $117.99