Ovarium - Bains flottants et Massothérapie

Located on Beaubien, at the corner of St-Denis, this unique spa with its stylish and understated décor is an oasis of calm and escape. Give way to complete relaxation as you drift effortlessly in a luxurious flotation bath sustained at a comfortable body temperature. Hailed as an outstanding remedy for conditions such as insomnia, accumulated fatigue and stress, the 500 kg of salts in each bath allow you to abandon yourself in absolute weightlessness as you experience the healing attributes of this exclusive therapy for the body, mind and soul. Take your relaxation to another level with the benefits of sound and light. Equipped with a pair of Pulsar (LED) goggles, encounter a meditation-like state while you tune into your creativity and intuition. Free yourself of tension and invigorate your vitality with one of the eleven massage therapies offered, including Swedish, Californian and Esalen among others, for a complete experience of luxury and indulgence.


Spa for 1

  • Pulsar, 30 min.
  • Floatation bath, 60 min.
  • Massage, 60 min.
169.00 $ $117.99