Trapèze le Voltigeur

The flying trapeze is accessible to anyone who wants to try something really different and unbelievably thrilling. You’ve seen and admired these kings and queens of the circus, so take off! No need to be a diver or a gymnast to enjoy the flying trapeze. Thanks to Trapèze le Voltigeur you can learn to perform aerial stunts under ideal conditions year-round. The school, located in St. Eustache, is THE benchmark in the field. It has developed, with the help of experienced instructors, innovative teaching techniques that combine efficiency and security. Thanks to personalized training, everyone can develop at his or her own speed, in a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere surrounded by incomparable companionship. You will be flying over a net and are always attached to a safety harness. Discover a different way, both fun and safe, to fly through the air with the greatest of ease…


Extreme for 2

  • Introduction to theory on DVD, 10 min.
  • Practice on the trapeze supervised by 3 instructors, 50 min.
  • 15% discount on "Frequent Flyer" package * Permanently record your first experience on a flying trapeze on DVD (extra charges apply)
172.00 $ $138.99