Les Explorateurs Sous-Marins - Total Diving

Scuba diving is much more than just a sport...it’s a lifestyle! The “adrenaline rush” you get from exploring a wreck at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River is similar to parachuting off a plane! Admire the underwater fauna and flora of the river, swim with colourful fishes, and learn the behaviour of marine predators. Everyone walks away from a dive with a unique experience…it really depends on what you are looking for. A team of instructors and divemasters with different styles and experiences— Richard, Master Instructor, Sylvain or Francis, instructors—await you at Lac St-François, only 40 minutes from Montréal.


Extreme for 1

  • Theory session with video
  • Pool session
  • Afternoon of boat diving at an underwater park (wreck)
  • Light lunch
  • Lac St-François underwater park cap and Les Explorateurs Sous-Marins T-shirt
  • PADI certification card valid for 3 months at our diving centre should you want to relive the experience
  • 10% discount on Level 1 training * Ages 10 and up ERRATUM : Unlike what is mentioned in the guide, this company no longer operates underTotal Diving, but Les Explorateurs Sous-Marins. Details regarding information and package remain the same.
190.00 $ $150.99