Esthetique Cecile Lefebvre

Located in the Multimedia District of Old Montréal, set back from the brouhaha of McGill Street, discover this snug and inviting spot. Here, time stands still, the body relaxes, the senses become intoxicated and the skin glows because Cécile Lefebvre has a power in her hands: the power to beautify you with her treatments and her delightful products. Her more than 20 years of passion for aesthetic care has led her to choose products that stand out for their high-tech formulations which join performance and effectiveness (cellulotherapy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy…). Endermologie LPG massages, from the leader in anti-cellulite treatments ( are also available. In addition, you will find the all-new AcuLifting® aesthetic treatment, which won the Innovation 2008 Prize at the Montréal Beauty SPA Select show. This treatment offers an energizing, non-invasive and non-toxic natural anti-aging treatments with multiple benefits ( Ask for the best!


Glamour for 1

  • Eye beauty treatmentOR
  • AcuLifting® treatment
92.00 $ $67.99