Juliette & Chocolat

Juliette & Chocolat started with a passion and a frustration: Juliette’s passion for chocolate and her frustration at not finding a hot chocolate that met her high standards. She wanted a hot chocolate like the one our grandmothers used to make, a thick, fragrant and velvety drink that warms, soothes and nourishes. Juliette’s passion led her to make you (re)discover this noble ingredient whose best vintages rival great wines in their subtle flavour variations. Be it the Guanaja of South-America, the Manjari of Madagascar or the Jivara of Equator, each chocolate reveals unique and enthralling flavours that you can now enjoy right on the spot or take home to share with others. There are wine bars, and now there are chocolate bars! Stop by and let Juliette fulfill your most chocolate dreams.


Tastings for 2

  • 2 hot chocolates extra-bitter old fashioned style with 2 mango sorbets
  • 2 hot chocolates half-bitter old fashioned style with 2 pink pepper chocolates
  • 2 milk hot chocolates old fashioned style with 2 red berries chocolates
  • 2 white hot chocolates old fashioned style with 2 black and bitter chocolate sorbets
50.00 $ $37.99